Marjorie_circle_500x500Why did that have to happen? What is the purpose of this change in plans?  

I had everything figured out and now all I see is chaos and uncertainty.

Have you ever asked yourself those questions? Perhaps you can’t see ahead to what is next.

You are in a place of transition and feel anxious and uncertain. Change can be a challenge and is often a trigger for fear and anxiety in life. Especially if it is happening without your choice!

You could stay in the place of fear and uncertainty. You can choose to ‘go it alone’. And, there will be an impact. When I resist asking for support, I lose my joy in life. My health is affected as I numb by eating and drinking what doesn’t nourish my body. My relationships are affected as I show up in a worried and impatient way. I am critical of myself and lose interest in my work. The more I worry and obsess about next steps, the more I feel sad and stuck.

I have learned that there are better ways I can manage change in my life that create resiliency and joy.

If you are struggling with loss, grief, fear or anger as you face change in your life, I invite you to connect with me. Together, you and I can look at what is happening, examine what else may be going on, and create the possibility of joy in the midst of chaos and the unknown.

I know from my own experience that having a person come along side as I navigate tough times in my life is powerful.

I have accessed my own wisdom because of the questions my coach has asked me. I have seen where I can ask for help, where I have the tools to be a creator instead of a victim in my life and my view has shifted from hopelessness to possibility.

I love supporting people in transition. Life transitions are many and varied. For example:

    • It could be graduating from college and wondering, ‘Now What?’
    • Maybe it is a job lay-off.
    • Or a job promotion.
    • A new relationship with all its possibilities.
    • Or the ending of a relationship and the pain that can bring.
    • A move to a new city or a far away country creates a mix of emotions.
    • Becoming a new parent
    • Saying good-bye to children as they go off to kindergarten. Or to University.
    • Looking at retirement
    • Facing life alone when your partner dies

Transition is the ‘place in between’. The cause may be a change that is positive or painful.

It can both create a sense of uncertainty and a feeling of dis-location or imbalance.

You may find yourself feeling surprised at the impact on your energy, health or emotional state. You may wonder, ‘who am I? What should I do now?’

I am here to support you!

If you would like to start looking at your life and what could change, this may be exactly what you are looking for:



Find Your Path

Six sessions, held every two weeks. Your Investment is $1,200.

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Soaring to New Heights

Twelve sessions, held every two weeks. Your Investment is $2,100.

Click here to schedule a 60-minute complimentary session to answer any questions and get acquainted.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Love, Marjorie