When was the last time you had a day devoted to pleasure?

A day to get to know yourself and remember who you really are?

If you are ready to recharge and have a day of play and inner connection, join me at an upcoming retreat.

*Dates for future events to be announced. Contact me to be the first to know of future retreat dates.

Here is what you’ll experience when you join me:

  • You will experiment with ways to get to know who you really are, deep in your soul.
  • You will feel the safety and power of sisterhood as you are seen and heard by the other women and accepted and celebrated for who you are.
  • You will be reminded that PLAY is available to you right now, at this time in your life.


The time unfolded like a special day with friends. I felt I was in good hands, right from the start. Marjorie works with honesty and humour. She engaged me with questioning, listening and re-framing around my personal experience. I felt playful as we spent time together. I was encouraged to 'stretch my comfort zone' during parts of the day, and I felt greatly rewarded. Thank you, Marjorie, for making possible that unexpected moment of grace, and for helping me realize it was possible. I felt included and as I left I 'felt good in my skin' (as the French say). Marjorie is amazing at hosting a retreat, and I am grateful I could be part of this rich day.


After spending time with Marjorie at the retreat she hosted, I came away with a renewed sense of myself. I was reminded of the past carefree days when I didn't worry about things like body shape, age or what people might think of me if I did a certain thing. Before I came to the retreat I was feeling a little apprehensive. I wondered how it would be. If anyone is wondering whether to attend a retreat led by Marjorie, I would say, 'Jump in with both feet!' Even if there are 10 women or 2 you will come away knowing it was worthwhile. The day was insightful and easy. Thanks for filling my cup, Marjorie!