After spending time with Marjorie at the retreat she hosted, I came away with a renewed sense of myself. I was reminded of the past carefree days when I didn't worry about things like body shape, age or what people might think of me if I did a certain thing. Before I came to the retreat I was feeling a little apprehensive. I wondered how it would be. If anyone is wondering whether to attend a retreat led by Marjorie, I would say, 'Jump in with both feet!' Even if there are 10 women or 2 you will come away knowing it was worthwhile. The day was insightful and easy. Thanks for filling my cup, Marjorie!
The time unfolded like a special day with friends. I felt I was in good hands, right from the start. Marjorie works with honesty and humour. She engaged me with questioning, listening and re-framing around my personal experience. I felt playful as we spent time together. I was encouraged to 'stretch my comfort zone' during parts of the day, and I felt greatly rewarded. Thank you, Marjorie, for making possible that unexpected moment of grace, and for helping me realize it was possible. I felt included and as I left I 'felt good in my skin' (as the French say). Marjorie is amazing at hosting a retreat, and I am grateful I could be part of this rich day.
Marjorie is a fantastic coach. She does an amazing job at slowing everything down and helping you see the nuggets of truth that lies just below the surface. She holds space for you to access your own inner wisdom, which is very empowering. I would recommend Marjorie for anyone looking for a transformational experience.
Denise Cooper,
Marjorie is one of the first coaches I ever experienced so I was a little unsure going in. She has a way about her that is just reassuring like you know everything will be alright with her as a guide. Marjorie held such space for me in our sessions so I could go into places easily and without fear. She was able to navigate me through some pretty rough spots and I came out better for it. Thank you Marjorie for your wise gentleness.
Elizabeth Roberts,
Marjorie has coached me for over 2 years and I have grown in ways that I could not have imagined. Using her gentle yet firm style of coaching, she has created space for me to explore my experiences, and to identify not only what I am thinking but what I am feeling and what I want more of in my life.
Sue Broomsgrove, Organizational Development Specialist